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Business Studies Year 13 revision Day 7 - Shareholder vs Stakeholder concept

Business Studies Year 13 revision Day 7 - Shareholder vs Stakeholder concept

On day 7 of the Year 13 Recap we take a look at the distinction between the shareholder and stakeholder concept for a business.

Stakeholders of a business represent the individuals who have a vested interest in the business because they are influenced by the decisions that a business makes.

Whereas, shareholders and managers are those individuals who set the strategy for a business and, in most cases, are best placed to receive the largest share of the benefits when the business succeeds. Often a business will put its shareholders ahead of its wider stakeholders for monetary purposes. However, if a business wishes to develop a good reputation in the market it needs to undertake actions and behave in a way that does not disadvantage of any of its vested stakeholders.

Here Jacob guides you through the shareholder versus stakeholder concept revision slide:


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Saturday, 25 September 2021
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