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Weekly 5 - Strategic Partnerships, Jamie Oliver, Huawei, EasyJet, Urban Outfitters

The Weekly 5 is back to see you into the May Half Term! If anyone is unfamiliar with this regular feature it aims to provide you with a short summary of some of the most significant and interesting stories of the week in business and industry. This helps keep you up to date with the news, whilst at the same time provide you with examples of business theories in action in the real world.

This week's top 5 Business stories, as chosen by our EzyBusiness team:

Microsoft and Sony Partnership - The two rival firms have announced a new strategic partnership in the gaming market, we assess the rationale behind the rivals' decision to collaborate with each other.

Jamie Oliver's Business Troubles - This week has been a bad one for Jamie Oliver after his Italian restaurant chain went into administration, we assess the external forces that have influenced this and what the restaurant group could have done to prevent this.

Huawei Backlash - Google has joined the number of businesses that are cutting ties with the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei, we assess the implications that this backlash is likely to have on the global supply chain.

EasyJet's Pricing Model - Complaints are rising over the flight prices of EasyJet ahead of the Champions League Final, we assess the reasons behind companies operating a dynamic pricing model and how modern technology has facilitated the development of these pricing strategies.

Urban Outfitters - The fashion retailer has announced a new online rental service for clothing items, we assess the reasons for doing this and the impact it will have on the efficiency of the firm's operations.

For each topic, we have designed a question to help your students use the skills they have developed in class and apply them to real-world situations.

Click here to access the full PDF version

Stay tuned for further editions of the Weekly 5 released on Friday's during term time!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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