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Economics Year 13 revision Day 16 - Evaluating AD curve shifts

Economics Year 13 revision Day 16 - Evaluating AD curve shifts

On day 16 of the Year 13 recap we review how to evaluate AD curve shifts to help add weight to your essay response.

The skill of an economist is to be able to analyse what is expected to happen because of the imposition of a policy or a economic event and as well as that be able to evaluate and question the assumptions that bind the economic theory together.

In an economics exam, you are likely to have to represent an AD curve shift in one of your essays across Paper 2 and 3. You need to not just be able to identify the direction of the shift, but also the magnitude and duration of the shift. To really push your essay into the higher levels you can bring in terms and concepts such as the multiplier effect, accelerator effect and automatic stabilisers. 

Here Jack guides you through the revision slide on how to evaluate AD curve shifts:


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Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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