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EzyEconomics Weekly 5 - 22nd March

It's Friday, which means the Weekly 5 is back in another action packed edition! If anyone is unfamiliar with this regular feature it aims to provide you with a short summary of some of the most significant and interesting stories of the week across and within economics around the world. This helps keep you up to date with the news, whilst at the same time provide you with examples of economic theories and policies in action in the real world.

This week's top 5 Economics stories, as chosen by our EzyEconomics team:

Metro Bank Capital Blunders - Challenger bank Metro made a massive miscalculation on their capital buffers, why does capital and how can it stave off a liquidity crisis?

China's Trade Transformation - China could record a current account deficit for the first time since 1993, what would be the implications of this?

McDonald's Game of Monopoly - McDonald's have rebooted their prize draw campaign, is this an economically unethical policy to pursue?

Chinese Road and Belt Initiative - China's goal to introduce a 7,000 mile trade route connecting Asia and Europe moved another step closer this week, what are the economic consequences of this?

Alan Krueger - We take a look at the work and influence of US economist Alan Krueger who passed away this week.

For each topic, we have designed a question to help your students use the skills they have developed in class and apply them to real-world situations.

Click here to download the full PDF version

Stay tuned for further editions of the Weekly 5 released on Friday's during term time!

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