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Revision Plan - AQA - Economics A

The EzyEconomics course includes an end of module assessments (25 qs) that aim to assess the syllabus knowledge and understanding required. Many schools use this within their schemes of work but some save these for pre-exams. See below for a schedule for the Edexcel course). The benefits of this are:

  1. Feedback following every Q allows students to plug knowledge and understanding gaps.
  2. The school obtains a syllabus knowledge audit.
  3. Students don’t leave it all to the last moment and the teacher can intervene to ensure plan compliance.
  4. Class and marking time (assessments are auto marked) can focus on exam skills/technique. Hopefully, supported by improved knowledge/understanding. 

Click on the subject hyperlink to navigate to the assessment.

Start date

Due date

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

8th April

14th April

Economic Problem

Economic Activity


15th April

21st April

Demand and Supply

Quant Skills

Econ Growth


22nd April

28th April


Economic Decisions

AD/AS Analysis


29th April

5th May

Prod, costs & rev

Competitive markets

Economic Performance


6th May

12th May

Imp Comp Markets

Labour markets

Macro Policy

Inc/Wealth Dist


13th May

19th May

Market failure

Gov intervention




20th May

26th May


Financial Markets

Glob, Trade and ER

Dev Economics


27th May

2nd June




Exam date

20th May 2019

23rd May 2019

4th June 2019
Revision Plan - Edexcel - Economics A
Economics Year 13 revision Day 2 - Marginal and Av...


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