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Year 12 Recap - Indirect Taxes

Year 12 Recap - Indirect Taxes

This Year 12 Recap video centers around the topic of Indirect Taxation.

Indirect taxes are one of the central policy tools which can be used by a government to influence the outcome in the market to help nudge the equilibrium closer to the social optimum. The knowledge of this concept is crucial, as when discussing potential remedies for markets that fail to allocate scarce resources effectively, this simple but effective policy tool can be discussed.

An indirect tax is a tax levied by the government upon the consumption of goods and services. This provides the government with a source of revenue for financing expenditure plans, but also helps reduce the consumption of goods which produce an external cost upon consumption/production. Students can also build upon the initial theory of indirect taxes to discuss the potential relative burden which is shared by agents in the market. 

Here Jack guides you around the topic of Indirect Taxation:

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