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What happens when your students are working on their own get a problem wrong?

Don’t expect enthusiastic engagement without specific explanations following question attempts.

It takes a lot of time to create content that explains the answer to every question. However, it might just be worth it as, although it shouldn’t need to be proved, there is clear research evidence suggesting that:

  • Students will apply more effort if instructional feedback is provided (Gamlem & Smith 2013).
  • Explanation feedback is better than correct answer feedback for promoting transfer of learning (Butler Godbole and Marsh 2013).
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This is one of the 740 activity questions contained in our A-Level Economics Courses

Go the the EzyShop to browse our A-level Economics Study Resources

 Textbooks do a great job describing content but aren't really structured to apply knowledge to answer questions. The EzyEconomics Study Guides do just that in a modern and professional format. In total there are 740 interactive questions and 514 terms to define backed up by single touch access to 248 video explanations.

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Learning support doesn't have to be an expensive, text based book that makes it difficult to find what you need



We don't slow students down with monochrome, static and daunting text books. Instead, we use high quality visualisations backed by short videos accessed via your phone using a tiny booklet and the Zappar app.

Although the booklet is tiny it transforms navigation. No endless leafing of pages. Find the page you need, Zap the code to unlock the experience and get help fast.

We dont over do it, and connect you with the knowledge you need and nothing else. Ideal for homework support and exam cramming.

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Summer upgrade

All users now have access to a number of enhancements to the existing infrastructure. These are important steps forward for EZ education we hope that you would appreciate the benefits of this progression in the coming months ahead. The key benefits are:

  1. The LZ landing page and course pages have been reviewed to help introduce the new functionality and reduce page content. Part of this includes the removal of the Assignment Hub extract at the bottom of the Landing Page. There is now single click access to the Assignment Hub (left menu or bottom of main landing page) which has been assigned a new icon.
  2. Students and the teachers can now upload folders into each unit so that it is possible to access all learning activities (paper and digital) within a single location. This presents some clear time-saving opportunities for students and their teachers.
  3. A notes pad that will be available within each unit which will provide students with the opportunity to create, save and import these into unit folders.
  4. Teachers will be able to hold their own resources within the course. This may make them easier for the students to access.  An increasing range of free pdf resources will be made available within each unit.
  5. Teachers will also have access to each student's folders.
  6. The set up will ensure that additional activities open in a new browser tab so that students can easily move between tabs and multi task. 
  7. Students will now have immediate access to their grade book via a conveniently placed link within each unit. 

New Assignment Hub icon:

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Sherborne Qatar School - IGCSE Science


"EzyEducation has helped our department to develop a system for effectively tracking homework for IGCSE Science. During the pandemic, where pupils have missed school, having somewhere to direct them towards recapping work has been a huge timesaver. Students and teachers found resources in the core practicals section helpful in allowing them to refresh their memory on practical methods/results or go through model data when the in-class practicals failed to work".

Salim Malik
Head of Science

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Summer improvements - infographic




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Teaching digitally isn't just for lockdowns!

Regardless of student location, it can only help to have live tracking data at your fingertips.

Many schools have found that using our assessments in virtual classes makes a huge difference. It is like turning on the lights in a world where many students will be muted and/or cam switched off.

However, even if things go back to normal and physical classes fully resume, working online in class still makes sense and will transform classes:

  • No repro costs
  • No paper management
  • No marking or mark admin
  • Monitor progress so that teacher classroom awareness is improved and help can be targeted effectively
  • Informed and supported plenary sessions
  • Detailed records to supplement attendance register
  • Any "at home" students can be effectively integrated into the class
  • It is certain that these efficiencies will accelerate progress and contribute to catching up. 
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St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

KS4 – State Non-selective – St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

​“EzyScience was initially purchased to support homework for our GCSE Science students. This was reasonably well embedded by the start of the period of school closures, and it has allowed students to work independently.

During the closures it became incredibly useful to support learning remotely and the ability to monitor student progress during live lessons significantly increased engagement.  Teachers delivered the content through live lessons and students would then complete assessments live and could be supported by their own teachers where this was required or use the question feedback videos.

What was really useful was the Question Level Analysis grids that allowed staff to identify areas of weakness that were common across the class and immediately provide feedback to improve understanding. One of the biggest advantages of EzyScience is the that every assessment is marked automatically, and students receive immediate feedback at the time through the support videos. Staff can then use the gained time to analyse the areas of weakness and focus on the subject areas to work on”.

Nick Irwin, Head of Science


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Let tech help you make the tutoring revolution work for yourself and your students

If you run a tutoring business, are just starting one or are thinking about how you might be able to benefit from the tutoring revolution, it might be time to think like a business.

Scale your tutoring talent

Unless tutor businesses can find a way of scaling, there are only so many hours in the day. It is the same for any company providing personal one-to-one services. Without tech support that scales tutoring, working more hours will be the only way to scale one-to-one tutor time or de-scale the admin involved with tutoring (which will use up time in or outside of one-to-one sessions).

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New Gradebook Option

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Exceptional Achievement Recognition

We have been genuinely astonished by some of the activity we have observed on our platform over the last 2 years. It certainly helps one to get up in the morning and work even harder.

As a result are actively looking into ways that we can recognise students that have acquitted themselves to a very high standard. The first example has been posted on this blog. We would like to cover more and to issue many more certificates. So please do get in touch with recommendations.

For blog posts we also require a bit more background information. If you have an deserving student please can you ask them to select on how the service has helped them and answer the following questions: 

  1. How did the service help you?
  2. Which aspects have you found to be the most useful?
  3. What role did your teacher play in getting you started and inspiring you?
  4. What would you change/amend to improve the service?
  5. What are your university and career ambitions?
  6. What sort of future do you see for this type of learning support?

We plan to develop certification over the next 12 months. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any input on that.


May 2021

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Student Profile - Joe Nwajei - Hills Road Sixth Form College


  1. How has the service helped you?

"Ezyeducation provided me with and online learning platform for A-level Business and Economics through the form of well-detailed, concise lecture videos, challenging mini-assessments and an extensive range of key examination tips. This service served a major role in my A-level revision as it helped me consolidate my subject content and the plethora of assessments frequently tested my memory recall which helped me retain the information."

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An eye into the classroom of the future!

I received this email earlier from one of our 6th form colleges, and can't really think of anything further to add! 


May 2021

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Immediate follow up assessments

As the data model now provides so many opportunities to check on multiple attempts, we have lifted the TIME OUT applying to follow up attempts. This can now take place IMMEDIATELY by completing the assignment and entering again via the course home page.

Teaching colleagues can view multiple attempts in various ways. For any set work:

  1. A black flash in the left corner indicates more than one attempt. Click on the outcome in the box for details of all attempts.
  2. Any personal report generated will show details of all attempts.
  3. It is also possible to navigate to the student gradebook where Q by Q records of all attempts will be visible
  4. By navigating to the learning map this will show the first attempt. There is a filter that allows the last or best attempts to be viewed.
  5. It is also possible to see details of all attempts by clicking on the % outcome for a student

The only area we will attend to is to add a filter in the gradebook so the display can switch to average of all attempts or first attempt so that the gradebook download is not limited to best attempt only.



How Automation Strengthens Formative assessment


How the pandemic has pushed learning models to change


New courses for 2021/22

April 2021

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Computers don’t have memory constraints and don’t forget!

Formative assessment is all about activity that prompts learners to provide feedback which can be used to help them improve. This can take many forms and a lot of teachers will instinctively think about the class experience of asking open questions and providing support to develop conversation that supports progression.

Verbalised and transient experience?

However, this type of formative assessment activity can lack long lasting effects, as it is often a verbalised and transient experience and is never recorded in any great detail. This means the valuable feedback produced by formative assessment exercises will be forgotten and is why an automated formative assessment approach can provide so much help for teachers.

In most situations it can re-energise the ages old teaching model with increased data quality and quantity that is easier to interpret, use and which involves no burdensome teaching tasks.

Strengthening Formative Assessment

Consider the data that could be collected by an automated approach and how this would strengthen the formative assessment supporting students:

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All for one and one for all!

The drama surrounding education during the pandemic almost guarantees that teaching, learning and assessment models need to change. Schools are reflecting on what happened and how they can implement a more resilient and sustainable model that will overcome the difficulties of any covid re-emergence or of future novel pandemics.

Prior to the pandemic many of our pioneering schools had already made steps in this direction and had recognised that technology would be the enabler. They have made a lot of progress through the last 12 months and this provides some clear signals for those schools that are currently reflecting.

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Pandemic success stories - the first 4 weeks of 2021

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New courses for 2021/22

We have either recently or will soon release the following courses. The courses are all available for immediate or imminent use:

  • CIE IGCSE Maths (Core and Extended) - available now
  • CIE IGCSE Science (Combined Science and Separate Science) - available now
  • GCSE Economics - available now
  • GCSE Edexcel Business - available via phased release from 1/5/21 to 30/8/21

These courses all follow the formative assessment approach and provision of unique explanation feedback of our existing courses and have access to our latest infrastructure. 

Complete enquiry form for inspection login and to request any quotation required.

March 2021

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2021/22 Catalogue - Courses and prices

2020/21 price guarantee for existing users. 2021/22 prices as follows. 

EzyScience RGB.png (2164×730)


  • GCSE Science – CS Foundation or Higher and SS Higher – Edexcel or AQA
  • IGCSE Science (UK) - CS or SS (Edexcel)
  • IGCSE Science (International) – CS or SS (CIE) – NEW FOR 2021
  • Single price for ALL KS4 students and science courses £1,249 + VAT (12 months access)
  • Pricing covers access to Biology, Chemistry and Physics and all levels of each
  • Small centre pricing available (min 50 students) £4.99 + VAT per student (12 months access)

Augmented Reality Booklets

  • Snapshot booklets for GCSE Science – AQA only
  • Combined Science – Single book – Foundation or Higher - £6.99 per book
  • Separate Science – £4.99 per book or £9.99 for set of 3 booklets.
  • Zappar app – no charge

Required Practicals

Practice exam questions including question paper and detailed answer guide. Questions match exam formats and to comparable standard.

    • AQA – 105 questions within a 318 pp document
    • Edexcel (GCSE) - 96 questions within a 289 pp document.
    • £99.00 each for unlimited use within designated centre.
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Simple marking tool to support the grading process

Please feel free to make use of this simple excel tool which aims to simplify marking of extended written work and to provide a template for documenting marks.

Download tool 


  1. Input fields are white shaded
  2. Add student name
  3. Adjust weights for assessment objectives
  4. Consider achievement of assessment objective and enter mark out of 10
  5. Add explanatory comments clarifying the mark awarded
  6. Save/print 

The main purpose of this approach is to move away from holistic grading. Grading guidelines issued by exam boards are difficult to interpret and achieve consistency with unless there is extensive moderation. A simpler and more consistent approach that is easy to explain and understand might be more helpful and help to minimise moderation tasks and any appeals. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries. 


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