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Course Home Page Makeovers

We are currently in the process of giving the courses a "face-lift" to improve the student and teacher interface and user experience when navigating through the course home page. The main changes for the Econ. courses are detailed here. Similar changes will be implemented Science and Maths through the rest of the summer.

Course Description:


Each course now has a detailed blurb at the top of the page which importantly outlines how the content will be signposted throughout the course. There is also a bit more detail surrounding what the course icon buttons link to - in the hope that it will nudge users into at least taking a look at them.

The course buttons themselves now lead to PDF copies to each of the materials rather than a link to a blog post. The 'Purchase Snapshots' button now feeds directly through to our Amazon page, rather than a blog post, and is a different colour to reflect that.

The Scheme of Work provides a complete guide of the board specification and how this is covered by our course. This should help students as much as their teachers as it provides clear boundaries to help improve the focus on exam board requirements. Specification notes are also included within the main course to help enhance relevant learning.

Specification References:


Every unit in the course now has a direct note above the videos and assessment links, to detail what the learning objectives of each unit are and what part of the exam board specification it relates to. The reference number links into the section breakdown in each of the exam board specifications, so if teachers are using the spec. to put together their teaching plan they can clearly see how our resources integrate into that.


You will also notice that any material that goes above and beyond the requirements of the spec. is clearly signposted as 'extension' material.

New Stickers:

The new stickers are placed alongside every single unit in the course to provide additional guidance. 'Year 12' stickers indicates content that is relevant for study during the first year and material that is relevant for AS students. 'Year 13' stickers indicate additional content that is relevant for study during the second year and only relevant for those studying the full A-level. Any extra material is signposted as being 'extension material' (see above). 'Year 12' material obviously carries through and will be assessed during the final examinations at the end of Year 13.

Recap Videos:




All of the recap videos, that were previously in the Exam Zone, have now been moved to precede the End of Module Assessment (EMA) for each module. The relevance of the content in each video is complemented by the stickers.

Revision Materials:


At the bottom of the course home page, you will notice the 'ExamZone' has been replaced by 'Revision and Exam Technique'. This aims to be a more engaging section title to encourage use. 
We have taken the recap slides out, but have kept the mind maps in there...


We have also made the answer guides available to users as well as the question papers to help support exam technique...


Finally, we also have a collection of all of the EMA assessments in this area from the main course grouped together...


The only course that has all of these changes implemented so far is AQA Micro. The other Econ. courses will change over the next week and then the Business courses. 

Assignment Hub Improvements
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Monday, 08 August 2022
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