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Do you want to introduce more flipped learning within your department?


The model of flipped learning, or flipped classrooms, seems to fall in and out of vogue. The idea seems very sound: ask students to learn about a new topic independently, before they encounter it in-class. With students arriving to class with a basic understanding of the concept, valuable teaching time can be spent on high value-added activities, like personalised misconception handling, interactive application activities and developing exam-technique.

Most teachers we meet say that they would like to introduce more flipped teaching within their scheme of work, however, they have struggled to implement it effectively in the past, or don’t really know where to start with it. 

How do most teachers implement flipped learning?

The simplest (and most commonly-reported) form of flipped learning is to direct students to a youtube (or equivalent) video on the upcoming topic. Essentially, it is a 21st Century upgrade on "read pages 79-85 in your textbook".

So, what is the problem with that?

The biggest issue is that there are no records of whether your students have actually completed the preparatory work. Teenagers are savvy enough to work this out which simply exacerbates the problem and often leads to low completion rates. If a critical mass of the class do not prepare, your carefully constructed lesson plan which builds on a basic understanding has to go out of the window.

Of course, there are ways round this accountability deficit. You could create a worksheet which ties into each video you set, and review student effort by taking in and marking at the start of your lesson. However, this is an additional pressure on workload, when the model already requires you to carefully construct often new lesson plans.

Ok, Why is EzyEducation the solution?

EzyEducation makes implemented flipped learning a breeze by eliminating the accountability deficit. Set preparatory work and review not only whether a video was watched, but for how long, and what each student's effort and outcome was within the follow-up assessment.

Students who have not completed the preparatory work will be identified clearly with no grey areas (the computer never lies!) and dealt with. Just as how they understand the lack of accountability associated with a youtube video or reading a textbook, they will quickly get to grips that there is no escape from completing the assignment and the critical mass will shift.

How else does EzyEducation help?

For starters, you can be confident about the quality of EzyEducation units. No more evenings spent watching youtube videos yourself to determine whether they are appropriate before setting them.

EzyEducation units not only contain a high-quality green-screen lecture video but also a formative assessment, providing an active learning element to the preparatory work. Our assessments are perfect for 'flipped learning':

  1. The early questions of quantitative topics are typically high-scaffolded and therefore highly-interactive. This reinforces the solution process and provides a good 'way in' to the assessment - especially important as it is a new topic.
  2. Every question is followed by its own feedback video offering a worked solution, enabling students to learn from mistakes and progress within the assessment. Vital to avoid students feeling overwhelmed when independently tackling a new topic.
  3. You can access question level analysis of your class's performance, enabling you to pinpoint areas they may need more support and to personalise your in-lesson intervention.

Flipped Learning simply isn't for me…

Flipped is just one way in which EzyEducation is used. Alternatives include:

  • Driving huge additional levels of formative reinforcement assessment.
  • Implementing interleaved learning (a.k.a. spaced assessment) without affecting teacher workload.
  • Coping with teacher absences/shortages by providing a meaningful and trackable IT-lab resource which can be manned by a TA/supply teacher.
  • Increasing independent learning.

All of the above rely upon the amount of support EzyEducation provides students within its learning experience, making it as formative as possible. 

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