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Draft parent Letter for isolating pupils

Dear Parent,

While students are isolated, they are expected to keep up with work set on EzyScience.

Login basics

The website is and login is via the two fields in top right corner of the home page. When logged in students should use the menu on the left margin. Hover over the icons to reveal where the links lead to.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reset passwords if there are any login difficulties.

Work set

Work set by school will show at the bottom of the Learning Zone Home Page or via the full “Assignment Hub” accessed via the left menu. Click the start button to begin or resume if the activity has been paused – users will be taken back to the pause point.

Additional independent work

Students can also access the course directly via the links under “My Courses” on the “Learning Zone Home Page”. Click on the link and work though the accordion set up to identify required activities. Isolation provides an excellent opportunity to make rapid progress. Students are encouraged to do this via independent access of course material.

How can parents help?

This service follows a simple teaching model providing high levels of support for students when they work on their own. However, parent involvement will make a huge difference as not all students possess the motivation or maturity to apply themselves effectively. Simply sitting by your child’s side to begin with will help to establish good habits based on the tips below.

Lecture video tips

All units include a lecture video covering the material that will be assessed in the assessments. Students that watch the video all the way through and take some notes will improve their outcomes. This is because the assessments simply ask questions to determine if the video material is understood. Most videos have chapters which students can click on to fast forward or rewind to areas they wish to focus on.

As students will not benefit from coverage of subjects in class while isolated at home, it is essential that the video material is engaged with. An outcome of under 50% will be interpreted to mean that the video was not engaged with effectively.

Assessment questions

Although it might seem obvious it is crucial to carefully read assessment questions. This is perhaps one of the most important examination skills.

Many of the questions will test the ability of students to use data contained in the questions to determine their answer. The question will also contain instructions and clues regarding how many choices need to be made and if rounding is required. Reading questions carefully takes time and multiple mistakes will be made if this is rushed. Many questions will require careful reading of the answer options as well.

Question tips

Many questions will require calculations. Use of a calculator is permitted and expected and students that use a paper for workings and notes can expect to achieve better outcomes. Getting a question wrong is not necessarily a bad thing as it highlights an opportunity to learn.

Answer explanations

A key attribute of this service is that an explanation will be provided following each question. This will improve understanding and support subsequent question attempts. It will also demonstrate good exam technique by demonstrating how to apply knowledge and understanding to successfully answer questions.

Help yourself!

Students are encouraged to use any source of information when answering assessment questions. Books, the internet or class notes/handouts are all permitted.

Learning to learn and interpreting outcomes

If this guidance is followed students should expect to achieve more than 50%. If they do not it is high likely that the attempt was rushed and many of the above guidance has not been followed. If this occurs students will benefit form a review of their assessment via their gradebook followed by a second attempt. This can happen from 4 hours following the end of the first attempt.

Monitoring and reporting

Activity will be monitored, and parents contacted should additional support be required. The data maintained by this service may be used to help determine grades if schools are requested to do this again next Spring.

Best wishes


ABC School

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