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Gradebook Upgrade

We have recently released a significant upgrade to our gradebook. Teachers can still download the gradebook as an excel spreadsheet, but we hope this upgrade makes quick trips into the gradebook to analyse student performance easier to achieve by staying in a webpage.

The improvements include:

  • Easy to scroll across units and down large classes of students.
  • Lecture Video Data is included alongside assessment data.
  • Time spent on an assessment by a student is available alongside assessment result.
  • An indication where students have made multiple attempts at a given assessment.
    • Click on the result to see records of previous attempts.
  • Incomplete assessment attempts are shown - indicated by light blue shading.
  • Access student learning analysis quickly by just clicking the name of any assessment.

Here is a quick run-through of the new gradebook:

We hope that you find the upgrade useful. We have big plans to continue developing our reporting as part of our vision of EzyEducation as a teacher-centric platform, including further improvements to the gradebook.

Any feedback is gratefully received!

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Monday, 08 August 2022
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