Everyone at EzyEducation was shocked to hear that our esteemed colleague, Dr Michael McCall, passed away last weekend.

Having read maths at St John's College, Cambridge and secured his PhD from Durham University, Michael entered a career in teaching. He most recently was the Head of Maths at The Portsmouth Grammar School for over a decade. As a teacher, Michael was a student's best friend. His ability to bring clarity to mathematics was astounding, and despite being a mathematician first and a teacher second, his dry wit made his classroom a delight.

Having retired from teaching, Michael joined EzyEducation as our maths consultant to oversee the development of our A Level maths course. He brought his years of experience, relentless attention detail and, most importantly, his fierce and incisive humour to the role. It was a role that Michael clearly enjoyed - hunting down every little error that threatens to destroy the student's experience and presenting his way of teaching topics on camera to benefit potentially hundreds of thousands of students in the future.

We enjoyed a celebratory curry recently in Michael's old stomping ground of Southsea to mark the completion of our AS course. He was on fine form as we looked forward to moving on to more difficult topics, or what he termed "getting closer to proper maths".

All of us will miss Michael, as I know will his former teaching colleagues and all the students who had the pleasure of his time.