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Stop the online lesson head banging now!

Before online lessons commence again there are many grounds for reflecting a little on how these are run, what they achieve and if the experience can be improved.

A good place to start is the experiences of teachers that have isolated or have had to teach isolated year groups/classes. Almost all of our discussions with teachers indicate that online lessons in its current form help to maintain a timetable and register, but that these lessons can be frustrating, stressful and achieve far less than physical classes. 

In many ways this is because VC tech was not designed for larger meetings for young people with video cams switched off and participants muted or for meetings where you need to understand what everyone is doing and make sure everyone completes the same task. The difficulties shouldn’t be surprising and can be highlighted with some simple analysis.



Class location 

Class characteristics



Maintain timetabled lessons

Attendance register

Teacher eyes and ears on


Efficacy of self marking


Ease of peer marking


Speed of mark collection


Visual verification of work


Engagement awareness


Note taking  awareness


Ease of question asking





Without a new approach the only solutions to make up for this shortfall is to run more classes, put more effort into lesson planning, review and mark more work, create more learning records or adopt a different approach.

However, a flipped and data led approach will help teachers to change and work smarter, not stand still and work harder.



Online Teaching Models




Online lesson tech



Digital  support with detailed monitoring  and recording of activity



Timetabled classes

No change

Reduced  whole class sessions to  enable ind learning  and 121 reviews

Content delivery

In class

Pre class


In class

Pre class

Amount of feedback

Limited by available teaching time

Unlimited as automated

Quality of feedback

Verification feedback with limited number of un-recorded comments

Worked  answers to support  learning  transfer

Maintain learning records

Teacher inputting


Learning  record quality

Summative without question records or analysis – details held on paper in student folders

Formative  with images  of every Q attempt and all gaps identified

Use of online time

Content delivery and verification

Learning gap correction   and high-level skills development

Teacher duties

Content prep & delivery and activity admin

Review outcomes, mark high level skills  and direct independent learning


Making flipped learning happen - is all about surrendering to automation and putting appropriate support in place

Schools working with EzyEducation will know that the following benefits help to start a process of beneficial and sustainable change that will live on long after the pandemic subsides:

1. A full range of syllabus mapped activities ready to use without any teacher prep.

2. High levels of support that help and encourage students to work independently, at their own pace:

3. Worked answers and feedback covering the entire syllabus

  • QLA based on visual question records with access to question video explanations
  • Motivated students aren’t held back from the friction of collective, one size fits all learning

4. More teacher support than traditional approaches: 

  • All work marked
  • QLA
  • Huge reporting improvements via automation
  • Less stress as emphasis shifts from delivery to direction of learning
  • Support to manage participation and learning gaps
  • Cover syllabus content and assessment faster leaving more time for teacher led skills development and personalised interventions
  • Learning not held back by available teaching hours

Students do all the work and teachers intervene on an increasingly personalised basis

Arrange an no obligation login and sign up for an optional demo. No strong arm sales tactics, just participation in a simple demo and discussion. 


Before you do please take a look at some examples to make sure we aren't exaggerating:

If students are likely to work independently, our approach will almost certainly help to make this happen. Hundreds of our student users have work independently for more than 100 hours. The current record holder has logged 625 hours in 4  terms

The moment you set work and drive activity the data model will change your teaching forever

By the time exams arrive you can start to milk an incredible bank of learning records that can be used to make a real difference to the final stages of exam prep

We don't charge more for usage, this means every day users obtain incredible value for money and many of our schools will tell you the grades will improve as well.


Teacher Assessed Grades
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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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