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Countdown to Exams - Day 44 - Trigonometry Functions

Countdown to Exams - Day 44 - Trigonometry Functions

Today, we are looking at the Trigonometry Ratios. Trigonometry is usually used to calculate missing side lengths and angles in right-angled triangles. There are three functions you need to aware of; the Sine, Cosine and Tangent Functions and these are related to the lengths of the key terms of the right-angled triangle (Opposite, Adjacent and Hypotenuse). They are simply one side of a right-angled triangle divided by another and will have a specific value dependent upon the angle marked theta (or x).

You are required to know the specific values for each function when given an angle. It will be important to remember the three tables provided in this snapshot.

In the video below, Matt goes through each of the Functions and the values that you will be required to know.


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