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How to Implement Flipped Classrooms Effectively

How to Implement Flipped Classrooms Effectively

What Is This New Craze?

The flipped classroom is a teaching model that inverts the traditional method of teaching delivery. Students watch instructional video content online, outside of the classroom, sometimes followed up by a digital assignment that gauges their level of understanding. In-class time is focused on developing that base layer of knowledge and focusing on student misconceptions. A nice infographic on flipped learning can be seen here.

What Are The Benefits?

· More time available in class for active learning activities such as: practising and applying mathematical knowledge, individualised coaching support, collaborative learning, and whole-class discussion.

· In-class focus can be applied to developing a deep understanding of the topic through extension activities.

· Encourages students to take responsibility for their learning.

· Enables faster progress through topics, ensuring teachers do not ‘run out of time’ ahead of exams.

· Digital data can be used to inform individual interventions with students on the topics they struggle with the most.


The Big Barrier

The flipped classroom falls down if students fail to complete the preparatory activities set. Wonderful lesson plans based on extending a base level of understanding are not worth the paper they are written on if most of the class haven’t obtained that understanding ahead of the lesson. Requiring the hand-in of notes or submission of worksheets, provides accountability to these preparatory activities, but also add to a teacher’s workload.


How Can Digital Help?

Digital platforms like EzyMaths are made to support the flipped classroom. You can set syllabus-tailored preparatory activities for your students and then check who hasn’t completed them with just a click before the lesson. It usually only takes a couple of lessons of completion management for students to understand that there is no hiding place and that the preparatory activities are not optional.

Complete our enquiry form to arrange a consultation about how EzyMaths can help your school/college to implement flipped classrooms more effectively.

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