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Are you ready to move on from simple AO1 testing tools?

The main issue with probably every digital science service is that they do not really do any more than test AO1 (able to effectively recall knowledge and demonstrate understanding).

Obtaining value added by developing AO2 (apply knowledge and understanding to solve problems including the use of calculations) and AO3 (analyse and assess data to inform judgements) cannot be achieved in GCSE Science with simplistic question formats like true or false statements or multi-choice and not providing any explanation feedback.

 We work very hard to achieve a very strong focus on developing AO2 and AO3:

  1. Achieve consistency via a single source for end to end coverage of syllabus content, assessment of understanding and provision of detailed feedback whenever it is needed.
  2. Challenge students to perform calculations but support them by visualising questions, achieving multi-input and multi-layered question structures and provide detailed explanations following answers.
  3. Record every detail so that teachers have the intel they need to address learning gaps.
  4. Cover every required practical to the same high standard and use this opportunity to develop the analytical side of AO3.
  5. Provision of a complete automated learning process releases teaching time to increase the focus on AO3 development in class time.

We recently looked at our AQA GCSE Combined activities for Momentum (Edexcel is the same on this topic) and analysed our proposition to highlight what we have achieved with EzyScience:



Covering the entire syllabus means we achieve this level of detail for 65 GCSE Science modules!

Contact us now to make sure you don’t miss out on EzyScience next year.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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