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Getting through the content

When the latest science specifications were first released a number of concerns arose immediately about both their breadth and depth. ‘How to teach greater and more difficult content in the same time?’ was a common question heard whenever science teachers got together. The dilemma faced by teachers is that they are expected to get through more ‘stuff’, while at the same time supporting students in mastering more complex skills.

One thing is certain, every available minute has to be used efficiently and effectively if this particular circle is to be squared, and this is going to require students to develop independence and resilience.

At EzyScience we believe that our digital learning platform is uniquely suited to developing that independence and resilience. Our lecture videos cover every point in each of the AQA and Edexcel specifications in thorough detail, and every point is addressed in at least one assessment. Each of our well-structured questions comes with its own dedicated feedback video and each assessment is structured in such a way as to allow students to act on the feedback given for each question immediately.