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Physics Snapshots - Waves Section

Here are the recap videos from the Waves Section in our GCSE Physics Snapshots Booklet.

WA.1 - Types of Wave:


WA.2 - Wave Properties:


WA.3 - Speed of a Wave on a String:


WA.4 - Speed of a Wave on Water:


WA.5 - Waves at Surfaces:


WA.6 - Investigating Reflection and Refraction:


WA.7 - Waves for Detection and Exploration:


WA.8 - Electromagnetic Waves:


WA.9 - Electromagnetic Waves and Matter:


WA.10 - Investigating the Emission and Absorption of IR:


WA.11 - Lenses:


WA.12 - Ray Diagrams:


WA.13 - Black Body Radiation:


Physics Snapshots - Magnetism Section
Physics Snapshots - Forces Section


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Sunday, 29 November 2020
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