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We believe in "Learning by doing"

What is EzyScience?

Perhaps it would be more helpful to dispell any possible misconceptions and start by explaining what it is not:

  • Not a content platform
  • Not a video package
  • Not a simple AO1 testing tool


EzyScience is an “off the shelf” support course for schools that reflects our belief in "learning by doing".


There are 6 main principles behind this:


1. We provide high-quality introductory content to make the assessments accessible. No videos are shown in isolation, as the purpose of every single video is to support an assessment or multiple assessments.

2. EzyScience Assessments focus on developing AO2 and AO3. Unique numeric inputs and analysis/evaluation of data (often from required practicals) is a pre-requisite for achieving this.

3. We make sure that our questions maximise student engagement by using effective visualisation and requiring completion of multiple tasks and unique inputs. This helps to discourage the passive and rushed participation driven by guessing that is encouraged by AO1 testing tools.

4. We only allow single question attempts to avoid the bad practice of students continually entering answers until they get the question right.

5. We utilise unique explanatory feedback following questions so that learning transfers to subsequent questions, which then consolidate and develop learning.

6. EzyScience's functionality supports work setting and supervision and provides data feedback for teaching teams.


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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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