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This week we will introduce some changes. These relate to improved access to analytics for students and a teacher and student option to upload and access pdf files within units. Please report any issues [email protected]

EzyBusiness is an A Level Business teacher support platform. It provides a wealth of video and assessment resources, covering the AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam board syllabuses. It is also suitable and used by IB and WJEC schools.

Take your learning to a higher level

An incredible book that works with your phone to deliver video explanations and link you to our courses so you can test yourself, fill any learning gaps and access a wide range of additional content and exam support. 


It’s all in the numbers...

course videos
EzyBusiness has 148 course videos, each featuring a real person taking a student through an animated presentation. The average video length is 12 minutes - short enough to keep most students engaged.
automated assessments
Assuming there are 40 weeks in an academic year, a teacher using EzyBusiness could be setting assessments each week, without the need to ever reach for their red pen.
individual questions
EzyBusiness allows teachers to set assessments, without worrying about how they will find the time to mark and provide feedback on them. This has huge benefits for teachers managing large numbers of students.
instant feedback videos
Rather than tell a student their answer is wrong, we prefer to explain how they could get the answer right. That’s why every EzyBusiness assessment is accompanied by its own step-by-step answer solution.

Plus reporting made easy!

Once students are streaming business studies videos and completing assessments, the reporting side of EzyBusiness comes alive. EzyBusiness tracks your students’ activity and assessment scores and gives you a range automatic reporting options to choose from.

Next steps & pricing

Schools & Colleges

+ VAT p.a. per student
Creating a school account is free and without obligation. This allows schools to review course materials prior to making any purchase decision.

Online opportunities to observe a pre-populated demo account are available for teachers who wish to visualise the game changing data records that will be generated by student activity.

Snapshot booklets link directly to course activities
if course access has been purchased.
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Individual Subscriptions

£50 or
every 30 days
24 months
access +
This provides 24/7 access and activities can be viewed as many times as a student needs – we don't limit access.

There is no limit on data records. We record every action, analyse it and present the records in a format that helps to progress learning. All without any extra charges.

Snapshot booklets link directly to course activities
if course access has been purchased.
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Don’t just take our word for it

“It’s extremely good value for money and saves hours and hours each week.”

Roger Bottomley, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Kent
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