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Let EzyEdtech help you find your weaknesses, fix them and improve


Learn independently and at your own pace with the help of our digital learning activities. We help you to make mistakes so you learn from them via unique feedback and worked answers following every question. If you start to learn from your mistakes, you will then experience the energy associated with learning progression.


Our exciting package pulls together the support you need in one dynamic and exciting solution. Why bother with traditional support if it doesn’t create an improved experience and cost you more money!

Course providing full syllabus coverage
All work marked and logged
No time limits
Dynamic gradebook providing foundations for when revision starts
Revision plans provided
All videos are chaptered
Range of work sheets, answer guides and knowledge prompters
Every question has a tailored explanation
Scheme of work to keep you on track
Note pad option
Folder system so you can add school material to keep everything in the same place

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Try before you buy and then:

£9.99 for each course per 30 days.

£75.00 for each course per 12 months.

£150 for access to all courses per 12 months.

Create a Learning Zone login to access introductory materials and decide if you like our approach - free and without obligation

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Learn whenever you want to

We provide 24/7 access - as long as you have a device and an internet connection, you can study.

Unlimited access

View and complete activities as many times as you like – we don't limit access.

Track your progress

All data is recorded and presented in easy to read reports to keep track of how you're doing.

When we say we track progress and use data and feedback to help you learn....

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