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  • Forensic Data
    Focus on managing activity and build value adding data which highlights learning gaps at class and student level.
    Forensic Data<br />
  • High Quality Qs
    With the right support and a high quality approach, we challenge young people with questions that help them learn.
    High Quality Qs
  • Multi Device
    Use complementary devices and work with multiple browsers and windows to enhance the efficiency of learning.
    Multi Device
  • Reflection
    Use detailed activity records to create a modern reflection process for students which rewards hard work.
  • Easier Note Taking
    Print and hand write, open pdf and key or dictate while you watch and import the outcome into the unit folder.
    Easier Note Taking<br />
  • Blended Learning
    Access to alternative interactive activities provide help to support development of of a full range of exam skills.
    Blended Learning<br />
  • Unique Feedback
    Right or wrong or what the correct answer was, isn’t really enough. Understanding WHY and HOW is essential.
    Unique Feedback<br />
  • Add Extra Activities
    Add your own resources and make them available in each student’s unit folder.
    Add Extra Activities<br />

How do we help teachers?

We help teachers to save huge amounts of time with ready to go digital activities and worksheets. This helps to increase independent learning and generate data to turbo charge formative assessment.

Our teachers become better informed, less stressed and more effective.

Their students develop independence, become more confident and progress faster.

We help to achieve dramatic increases in independent learning and use the activity data to enhance teaching interventions.

As teaching tasks are kept to the minimum, we save huge amounts of prep, marking and record keeping time. This means we reduce teaching pressure and create time to enable increased focus on skills development.

How do we help students?

High levels of formative assessment support allow focussed students to work on their own and catch up without being tied to available teaching hours. The release of teaching time will help focus on increasing independent work for all.

Andrea Fleming, Head of Physics, Upton Court Grammar School

“We were very grateful we had EzyScience during lockdown.  Although we have set our own lessons EzyScience has complimented this work in terms of the videos and ongoing assessments to ensure our pupils have understood the work.  The online capability has allowed our pupils to access the work and engage with the subject matter whenever and wherever they can at the most convenient time."
"Many of our pupils were fasting during Ramadan so having EzyScience when they felt able to work with the feedback even at odd hours of the day was invaluable." 

How do we help schools add value?

Roger Bottomley, Lead Practitioner: Economics,  Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

“The annual subscription for the current cohort of Y13 students is £220 + VAT. That is equal to £264 + VAT for 4 terms access. The benefit arising from this small investment is that students have engaged in 3,450 hours of learning at a cost of 6.4p per hour). I guess this is the sort of deal we have come to expect from the internet. It is great to have teacher access to an accessibly priced digital model that is structured to support teachers as much as the students.
Students in this cohort have averaged over 150 hours of independent learning each. This is not far-off doubling class hours over this period. It has to be said that this has transformed how I use class time - through debating, discussion and checking understanding.” 

Access period Cost per course
GCSE Courses Lower of £4.99 a user or £999 + VAT p.a.
A-Level Courses £10 + VAT per student p.a.

How do we help parents?

With so much uncertainty there isn’t a better time for parents to support their children with inexpensive, yet comprehensive learning support.

Course List.

GCSE and IGCSE Maths GCSE and A-Level Economics
GCSE and IGCSE Biology GCSE and A-Level Business
GCSE and IGCSE Chemistry AS-Level Maths
GCSE and IGCSE Physics  
Largest exam boards covered with specific courses that achieve significant syllabus maps with other boards

Whenever a young person hits a block help will be available as we make sure every question has a worked answer and explanation so that we support learning.

Memorising isn’t enough and understanding needs assessment, lots of it. Keep testing to find out what you don’t know or can’t do, and then use the support available to get better.

Users have access to a personalised gradebook with dynamic question level analysis backed by single touch/click access to images of every marked question attempt and an explanation.

£150.00 every 12 months for access to all courses

£75.00 per course every 12 months

£9.99 per course per 30 days (no contract). Access is renewed for 30 days after each payment collection.


Request free school access, arrange a demo or request a course and/or Snapshot quotation

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Key benefits of EzyEdtech

  1. Save teachers time

    We give teachers more time to concentrate on improving students grades by automating many teaching practices. Automated marking is just one example of a time saving teaching resource that EzyEdtech provides through our platform.

  2. Increase independent learning

    Track your students’ progress quickly and easily, set more work and actively manage classroom participation. Allow students to increase their independent learning. Easy to track each student’s progress at a glance.

  3. Save money on learning support

    Better value learning support for GCSE and A-level.

  4. Accelerate learning

    We build assignments that highlight learning gaps and provide feedback so students can correct themselves, progress and improve grades.

EzyEdtech provides GCSE and A-level learning support in a new way

Real People

We use real people in our course videos, presenting clear explanations and examples for the thousands of assessment questions that your students can access.

Intelligent Automation

Automated marking not only saves teachers time, it also means more student data can be collected, analysed and acted on. Better data = more effective teaching.

Immediate Feedback

Electronic marking, instant feedback and support taken care of, teachers can concentrate on encouraging and motivating students, accelerating learning and improving grades.

Digital Record Keeping

Every student is trackable, with their own unique login. You will know exactly what each student has achieved, creating an honest, open learning environment, better teacher-student relationships and a happier classroom.

Syllabus Focused Courses

Syllabus based videos and assessments with tailored feedback that cover all current syllabus requirements. Teachers can work students harder and smarter, while building knowledge.

The Right Attitude

We don’t talk down to students. We believe they get the best results when they are committed to studying and exams. We use a mature approach, to encourage students to adopt an adult attitude to their learning, and benefit from the results this can deliver.

You need to have access to great learning records, feedback and support to make sure hard work pays off!

gradebook mark 1

Hear what one of our pathfinding schools has to say about our platform

"Thought you would like to know that our GCSE triple science kids knocked it out of the park this year. We achieved ALPS 2 and the following achievements in each discipline - 75% achieved grade 9 to 7 in Chemistry, 83% achieved grade 9 to 7 in Physics and 83% achieved grade 9 to 7 in Biology. Many of the kids say that EzyScience contributed to this."

Marc Williams, Head of Science, Woodbridge High School

woodbridge Qs


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