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A new era for teaching delivery

4 weeks to get remote ready for the Summer term. 

Managing learning remotely is a different ball game which might swamp teachers unless their schools provide them with the right teaching tools to deliver.

The main issue is that remote teaching delivery is about more than just setting work which should be a tiny part of what teachers do in this new era:

  • Students need a lot of support to work independently – content needs to support engaging assessment techniques using scaffolded and visualised questions backed by worked answers following question attempts.
  • Most work needs to be marked immediately – posting too much paper-based work for students to complete on a school LMS will make it impossible to occupy students effectively as marking will slow activity to a snail pace.
  • Activity needs to be tracked so teachers can intervene – operating without automated and detailed tracking data will be ineffective
  • Teachers need to review work – not just right or wrong and % outcome, but they need to see the answers to identify mistakes and intervene
  • Parents and/or carers need to support the process – unless personalised activity and outcomes can be easily reported to parents this will become an impossibility
  • Teaching models need to change from content delivery and class management to learning direction - without access to activities providing end to end syllabus coverage backed by detailed and visual data records this will be challenging.

Without this type of approach attempts to teach remotely will under deliver as students will soon become bored and make use of the many opportunities to hide.

Thankfully there is time right now and over Easter to get ready and deliver a new teaching model that inspires parents and students.

Course Annual Cost per Course
All courses 30 day Free Trial
GCSE CoursesCourseAnnual Cost per Course £999 + VAT for all KS4 students
A-Level Courses £10.00 + VAT per log in
Direct Purchases Max cost of £24.00 per course less 50% discount using "CLOSURE2020"


Our approach fits the remote learning glove perfectly and will help schools and students to achieve a range of valuable benefits for this year’s GCSE students:

  1. Designed to enable out of class learning via a complete learning process that helps students to independently acquire knowledge, test application and fill learning gaps with automated explanations (feedback)
  2. End to end syllabus coverage – more than enough activities to keep students busy
  3. Easy to set, monitor and review work remotely.
  4. Image records of answers and easy access to student grade books allows teachers to provide more effective remote support.
  5. Option to automatically generate weekly reports to engage parent support.



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Monday, 14 June 2021
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